We are an established and reputable ship supplier and engineering services provider strategically located in Singapore and cater to a wide spectrum of needs and requirements of ships and the associated traditional and offshore maritime industry. With almost four decades of experience since inception in 1976, Arc Marine is trusted for our thorough professionalism, integrity and expertise in these areas of business.
We have been ISO certified by DNV, Norway since 1998 and continue to perform under our strict ISM code and HSSE standards. We are also registered with the International Shipsuppliers & Services Association (ISSA) to assure a world-class quality to all our clients.

With our team of seasoned professionals, we provide a superior sourcing and supply services to all types of vessels. With our intimate knowledge of the shipboard requirements, we also produce in-house testing kits and products hugely popular among our clients.

Our office and storage facilities are housed together at Tuas, conveniently located closer to the ports and shipyards in the western part of Singapore enabling us to attend to our clients/ships requirements at a remarkable short notice.

We also work in close partnerships with well-known industry players across the world and thereby provide a quality and cost-effective service package to our clients in various ports in Asia, Europe and US.


We appreciate the need for wholesome and healthy diets for the seafarers and provide only quality products to meet that requirement. Any product not fulfilling as per order confirmation is fully refunded or replaced.

Arc Marine specializes in a wide range of quality products – both fresh and dry – to cater to the diverse tastes of different crew nationalities including European and Asian (Japanese, Korean, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Filipino). We provide a rich selection of the following category of items:

Fresh vegetable and fruits
Canned food, aerated drinks and beverages
Fresh and frozen meat, fish and seafood
Dried goods, packaged bulk convenience food and snacks
Bonded stores of tobacco, alcohol and liquor including wine and beer


Arc Marine is proud to offer an array of in-house developed and branded marine equipment and products as below, which have became popular in the ship supply industry for their quality and value for money.

We are proud to state that Arc Marine is one of the very few companies that have been authorized by Singapore Police Licensing Department to directly procure and store anti-piracy equipments. This has enabled us to provide authentic and legally sourced products and equipments at a reasonable cost for supply to the merchant ships.

PV Valve Test Kit
- Compact design with test kit panel and stand making it portable
- Customized to handle all different kinds of PV valve sizes

Cyclone 500 Hydro-blaster
- 500 bar heavy duty pressure cleaner
- Solid, galvanized and powder-coated frame
- Triplex pump with ceramic plungers
- Latest pump technology for long running hours
- Automatic start/stop with timer for better life span of the pump

Hydraulic Pressure Pump
- Compact, lightweight and portable
- Simple to operate
- Suitable for use onboard tankers
- Maximum test pressure: 50kg/cm²

Scaling Hammer
- Made in UK
- Effective for rust removal
- Low vibration single head scaler for maximum Comfort
- Non-spark scaling head available for use on tankers and in hazardous environment
- Tungsten carbide head for extended life for standard usage

Anti-Piracy Products compliant with Best Management Practices (BMP) 4 such as:
- Bullet-proof helmets and vests which meet NIJ IIIA and above requirements
- Galvanized, epoxy or stainless steel Concertina WIRES
- Dummy, chain-linked fence, blast resistance film, night vision binoculars, etc


We supply an extensive, range of ship store items which will cater to all regular and any unique requirement of a ship. We offer a wide choice of branded and non-branded items as per the budget and quality requirements of our clients.

All our stores are in accordance with the ISSA code manual.

Engine Stores:
Pneumatic products
Metal sheets
Bars, screws and nuts
Pipes and lubes fittings
Electrical equipment

Deck Stores:
Marine ropes and mooring equipment
Hose & couplings
Rigging gear
Painting equipment
Electrical stores
Cleaning chemicals

Cabin Stores:
Cleaning materials
Amenities and linen
Glassware and tableware

Marine fuel oil/ water treatment and other marine chemicals
Nautical charts and publication
Medical supplies

Life jackets and life buoys
Harness belt
Marine signage/ flags
Portable fire extinguishers
Fire hose


With an in-house 6,000 Sq Ft. capacity of storage, Arc Marine store is uniquely positioned to provide at a short notice a wide range of machinery, equipment, spare parts and safety apparatus of various Japanese, European and other international brands pertaining to following :

- Main engines
- Auxiliary engines
- Air compressors
- Refrigeration and air conditioning
- Auto control systems
- Deck machinery
- Turbochargers
- Pumps
- Boilers
- Oil Purifiers
- Heat exchangers
- Oily water separators
- Chain cable

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