Arc Marine Engineering Pte Ltd is the engineering arm of Arc Marine Pte Ltd, specializing in ship and offshore ship repairs.

Our team of marine technical experts and professionals, with their proven track record in our specialized service guarantee, appropriate, cost-effective solutions to the care and repair of your vessels anytime.


The Arc Marine in-house float team, composed of competent service technicians, mechanics and fitters trained under various engine makers, at your disposal anytime, anywhere for the following services:

- Main engine complete overhaul (2-stroke and 4-stroke)
- Generator engine complete overhaul
- Cargo pumps, turbines and centrifugal pumps
- Turbocharger overhaul
- Deck machinery
- Crankshaft, engine renewal and engine alignment, both for main and auxiliary
- Riding squad for voyage repair
- Other general mechanical work
- Other ship-related mechanical repair

Our technical team is comprised of experienced sailors and technical hands who understand not only the technical but also the commercial implications of repair and time and cost of delay.

We have established trusting relationships even with the major ship yards in Singapore, with our expertise and understanding of the business implications which assures a superior quality of technical services to our clients.

"Our technicians are fully trained in MITSUI B&W 2 Stroke Diesel Engines by
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. Japan."


Decades of experience in the industry has given us the opportunity to perform numerous installations of main engines and new build for various shipyards in Singapore.

Our laser team, highly-skilled in load testing and bearing fitting handles the laser alignment jobs, from small to large components, which include alignment of main engines, pumps, alternators, stern tubes, among others.


We have specialized equipment for fuel pump and nozzle testing and reconditioning for all major engine makes and model, operated by specially-trained technicians who are experts in various engine make and models and are highly-proficient in fuel pump reconditioning.

Fuel pump servicing includes the following:
• Dismantling and cleaning
• Lapping
• Grinding
• Measuring profile
• Testing
Our vast network allows us to easily source out for supply or new spares and parts in no time. We tailor our services to our clients’ requirements and offer the best beneficial solution possible.


- Inspection
- Dismantling and cleaning
- Ash blasting
- Balancing
- Change of spare parts


Warehouse Utilization for Customers
Arc Marine’s over-a-thousand-square-feet warehouse accommodates not only the company’s provisions and supplies, but customers could also enjoy utilization of space for their own operational requirements

Transportation and Delivery of Spares and Products
We provide appropriate transportation for orders, especially to remote locations. Full back office support for visiting superintendents and/ or other customer representatives.


With an in-house 6,000 Sq Ft. capacity of storage, Arc Marine store is uniquely positioned to provide at a short notice a wide range of machinery, equipment, spare parts and safety apparatus of various Japanese, European and other international brands pertaining to following :

- Main engines
- Auxiliary engines
- Air compressors
- Refrigeration and air conditioning
- Auto control systems
- Deck machinery
- Turbochargers
- Pumps
- Boilers
- Oil Purifiers
- Heat exchangers
- Oily water separators
- Chain cable

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